The simulator is recommended for healthy persons and also for those with the nervous system and musculoskeletal diseases. Persons in all age levels and with different physical capacity can exercise with „REHABILI”.

REHABILI is recommended for:

  • Individual usage at home;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Office workers usage during breaks.

Individuals in all age levels and with different physical capacity can exercise with „REHABILI“ at home for wellness purposes – in order to increase endurance of a body, to develop strength of more groups of muscles, accuracy and coordination of movements. It is also recommended for prevention of back pain or for reduction of the back pain which already exists.

It may be is recommended to exercise for persons who are suffering from nervous system and musculoskeletal diseases during rehabilitation period.

During rehabilitation period REHABILI helps:

  • to develop joint mobility (there are no heavy loads for joints);
  • to train and develop vestibular aparatus, which is responsible for coordination of movements;
  • user can choose level of difficulty of workout - from minimum to heavier loads according to patient's physical condition.

It is healthier to have a short workout with REHABILI simulator than smoking during office breaks. For wellness purposes it is enough only few workouts for 10 minutes (max. 40 min. per day). Such workouts will be very helpful because:

  • level of labor productivity increases;
  • excellent prevention from back pain is ensured;
  • user can choose exercises according to his/her physical condition;
  • groups of muscles which were stiffed because of working sedentary job will be exercised;
  • mood is improved, stress is controlled;
  • it helps to give up bad habits easier;
  • impact of exercises is tested by scientists from different fields;