Unstable simulator was tested by IXth „Lexus“ golf tournament participants

  On 7 June, 2014 for the IXth time at the Capitals Golf Club was held Lexus Golf Tournament. Participants not only enjoyed the golf, but also competed with each other, trying to prove who is the best of golfers. During breaks participants were encouraged to take an active leisure too. Anyone who wished could try “REHABILI”simulator and make sure of his benefits for health.Players had been very interested in simulator and gladly tried various exercises.

  Participants who selected workout with “REHABILI” instead of smoking and coffee weren’t disappointed and after a few minutes said that they feel positive effect on the body. Players said that training helped to maintain proper body posture even when returned to the golf course. Moreover, it is very strange but also fun to do the exercises and at the same time trying to keep the balance.

  As “REHABILI” representative stated, such trainings have a double impact because of trying to keep balance is working more muscles. Even without special exercises, “Rehabili” is good for body wellness because of unstable structure. Simulator is safe so can train persons in all age levels and with different physical capacity.